Making of a Lady, May 5, 2016

Making of a Lady



A Salute to the Women of Erie

Presented by the Woman’s Club of Erie and StringsforaCURE


4:30 TO 6:30 Networking, Boutique Shopping, Raffle Baskets and More

6:30 Dinner and Speakers

Marie Hanes, Joyce Savocchio, Judy Lynch, Brenda Bennett

Erie Maennerchor Ballroom, 16th and State St.

For more information and to register…       Register here

Registration by May 28, 2016

Patty 814-823-9005        paraydo2@aol.com





Erie Gives 2015

Erie Gives Day, on Tuesday, August 11, 2015, provides the best opportunity all year to get more for your money when supporting your favorite local nonprofit.  All donations made online at www.eriegives.org from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. will receive a percentage of matching funds from a pool of $220,000, thanks to The Erie Community Foundation, GE Transportation, Erie Insurance, Presque Isle Downs & Casino and others. The more donations made to a nonprofit, the more matching funds that nonprofit will receive.

All donations made to The Woman’s Club of Erie on Erie Gives Day 2015, will go directly to the Raise the Roof Campaign. The minimum gift is $25.00 and there is no limit to the amount of money you may give. We hope you’ll remember The Woman’s Club of Erie on Tuesday, August 11!

Raise the Roof Campaign

Seven (7) years ago, the Woman’s Club of Erie began a gradual repair and replacement program on the roof of their 123-year-old clubhouse, the former Davenport and Winifred Galbraith mansion located at 259 West Sixth Street.  The mansion was built at a cost of $60,000.00.  Located in the historic area on West Sixth Street between Perry Square and Gridley Park, it was selected and given “Significant” status in September 1984.

Northwest Restoration, Inc.  was hired and has been repairing the channels and internal gutters (that run in the eaves), and replacing missing or broken red slate tiles.  The red slate tiles are harder and more durable than the more commonly used gray slate, thus more expensive.

To date, the north facing section of the roof has been completed and 80% of the eastern side at a cost of $40,000.00.  To complete the remaining southern and western portions of the roof estimated at $60,000.00, the Woman’s Club of Erie has initiated a “Raise the Roof Campaign.”  To date, $20,345.00 has been raised through events and donations.  Anyone interested in contributing to the Raise the Roof Campaign can send their tax deductible donation made payable to The Woman’s Club of Erie to:

The Woman’s Club of Erie
259 West Sixth Street
Erie, Pennsylvania  16507

A cardboard miniature of the mansion created by Steve Giewont and decorated by Lainie Addessi is on display and available to receive roof donations.  Individuals can sign a paper tile and adhere it to the roof of the miniature.

Cardboard House

Erie Gives 2014

Special thanks to all those who supported The Erie Community Foundation’s Erie Gives Day and The Woman’s Club of Erie on August 12.  Through the generosity of our donors and that of GE Transportation, Erie Insurance, Presque Isle Downs & Casino and The Erie Community Foundation, The Woman’s Club of Erie, Inc. received $3,190.94 from Erie Gives.

Women's Club of Erie (ErieGives

Treasurer Clare Farrell (on left) and Co-President Judy Husted (on right) gratefully accept an Erie Gives check from George Espy, Vice President of Community Impact for The Erie Community Foundation.

A Brief History of the Organization

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) is an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. GFWC members are in every state and more than a dozen countries. Their goal is to promote civic involvement in their communities, advancing education as well as preservation of the arts and culture all the while promoting healthy lifestyles.

The GFWC owes its beginnings to Jane Cunningham Croly, a professional journalist who in 1890, due to her gender, was denied admittance to a dinner at an all-male press club honoring Charles Dickens.  This spurred her to form the famous women’s club, Sorosis – a “centre of unity” that had neither a charitable nor socio-economic purpose, but sought “collective elevation and advancement.” As women’s clubs began forming across the country, they became a center of educational advocacy and a sort of college for older women who wanted to learn.  Croly formed the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1890, to support clubs throughout the nation and further their efforts at providing education, improved working conditions, health care, scholarships and other reforms.

Today the GFWC boasts over 100,000 members.

Among the many accomplishments of the GFWC are:

  • Founding more than 75 percent of our nation’s libraries
  • Developing Kindergarten programs in public schools
  • Working for food and drug regulation
  • Leading the drive for emergency relief support for efforts from World War I

The Woman’s Club of Erie is a 501c3 philanthropic organization that aims, through its various fund raisers, dinner and speaker series, to improve the lives of women and children in the Erie community.

The Woman’s Club of Erie began in 1897 and was federated in 1898. Since its beginnings, the organization has been a champion  to numerous civic causes in the Erie community, i.e., the  founding of the Visiting Nurses Association and the Erie Unit of the American Cancer Society in 1945,  donating to the Juvenile Diabetes foundation, Shriner’s Hospital, the Second Harvest Food Bank, House of Healing, Erie DAWN, Erie Zoological Society, Inner-City Neighborhood Art House, The Humane Society of NW PA, The Caring Place and Safe Net–a temporary shelter for abused and displaced women and their children–just to name a few. The mansion, purchased in 1925 from the estate of the original owners–Davenport and Winifred Galbraith–is currently utilized as a meeting place for members.